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Borrow up to £50,000 with your car as the collateral from the cheapest v5 lenders in UK

Logbook loan from Logbook Advance Cash is your best way to get access to quick cash if you don’t want to subject yourself to the tedious bank procedures. We have been availing such loans to the residents of London and basically anyone in the United Kingdom who is in need of quick or emergency cash.

Understanding What Logbook Loans Are

Though they are ideal during situations when you need emergency cash in just a few hours time, the loans serve a greater purpose than just that. To begin with, it is important to note that logbook loans are essentially loans that are secured against your car. In such a case, the lender takes possession of your car for the duration of the loan but in the meanwhile, you continue using your car just like in the normal days. This is loans is thus very ideal for individuals who have poor credit scores and who would otherwise be turned away by the banks due to their poor credit standings. When such people approach us, we only need to find out two things in order to let them have the loans that they need. These include-:

  • If you own a car and you have its v5 document written in your name and,
  • If you have a regular source of income so that we ascertain that you will have the ability to repay the loan that we shall give you.


We consider all cases independently

We are aware of the fact that all the borrowers who come to us are at varying financial positions. As a caring and a considerate lender, we strive as much as we can to give the very best solutions to those who need our loans. For this reason, we do not offer blanket packages or a one-fit-all solution. We have a team of dedicated experts who will guide you through the application process so that you only end up the most suitable loan for your current financial position. This is one of the unique things that make us different from the rest of the lenders in the United Kingdom.

We offer flexible terms of repayment

Apply for a v5 loan from us today and enjoy the most flexible repayment plans in the United Kingdom. We have very friendly and flexible repayment plans so that you do not have any difficulties in returning back our money. As your friend and business partner, it would not be our wish to repossess your vehicle because we know what it means to you. Therefore, come to us with the full knowledge that you care about your wellbeing and we will let you have the most flexible and the most suitable repayment plans in the loans we will give you.

Same day loans

We have increased our efficiency in the application and approval process such that it is possible for you to apply for the loans today and get approved today and have the money today as well. As a matter of fact, we will always deposit the cash into your account in just a few minutes after approval. Call us today and see how expedite our loan application process is.

Logbook Loans

logbook loans
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  • Tony M

    If you need the best logbook loan services, then be informed that you are in the right page. I have been dealing with this lender for close to seven years and I have never had any problem with them.

  • Grace Viking

    I needed to get quick money for an urgent purchase but the banks were of no help to me. That is when I thought of logbook loans and this was the company that I dealt with. Everything went down smoothly.

  • Julius M

    I was referred to this lender by a colleague of mine at work and at the beginning; I was a bit skeptical whether I should try them. Well, I can now say that they are the best in the country.

  • Kelvin Meyers

    This has always been the place to come to should I need emergency cash. I love the fact that they are good professionals and their approval process if fast and straightforward.

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